Sunday, 28 October 2018

Cuirassier Update - October

Another month passes and the cuirassier deadline gets ever nearer – yes I know there are months to go yet and I have made progress but I am a worrier by nature and so will worry.
The old Douglas Adams quote of liking deadlines, especially the whooshing noise they make as they go past resonates with me through so many previous endeavours.
Still October saw some movement.
I went from this pile of boxes:
To a box of horse parts:

Then onto some built horses:

Which did get undercoated:

As did a lot of cuirassier troopers:

Then the painting started in earnest!
So all troopers and horses built, all undercoated and all horses base coated. Next month I have a week off work to myself, so hopefully I can get most of the horse flesh finished then.
If you are interested in the Great Game (and why wouldn’t you be?) then more information can be found here, including links to the associated charity.

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Warhammer World Part 2

Some more photographs from this year's trip to Warhammer World, this time from the exhibition. Lots of nostalgia starting with...
I've got at least one of those boxes
At this point a passing member of staff commented that they, "Knew that look." This initiated an interesting conversation, the staff member in question was an archivist and it was her job to track down old GW models in auctions and on EBay. Apparently GW themselves do not have a complete set of everything they produced, particularly the early eighties. Turned out I may have some figures that they don't!

The exhibition was well worth the entrance fee. I reckon it took me around ninety minutes to go round. There was a mixture of dioramas and cabinets of figures. If you have ever been even vaguely into GW's mythos, never mind being a current collector, then this is definitely worth a morning of your time if you are in the Nottingham area.

The pub's pretty good too and surprisingly cheap!

Anyway here are a few photos...
Even I'm not old enough to remember this edition of Warhammer
March of the Undead by John Blanche
A Cadian army on parade
Dark Angels - amazing hand painted banner on the land raider
Dwarves and airships - what's not to like?
Didn't get a good photo of this one but wanted to include it to give an idea of the scale - all 28mm
Eldar vs Tyranids

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Warhammer World

Back in May I took a trip to Nottingham. As well as taking in some cricket at Trent Bridge, visiting the castle and a few museums, I took the opportunity to visit Warhammer World, a place I had often threatened to visit but not actually made it to.

Full size Rhino APC - interesting gate guardian
I found it really easy to find, mostly as I had got lost driving from Trent Bridge to my hotel the night before and had passed it a couple of times whilst my sat nav cheerily told me I should make a U-turn.

Once inside I was greeted by a couple of familiar faces...

The ubiquitous GW Space Marine

No, not a selfie... Lurtz from Lord of the Rings
Art work decorating reception
Reception also has a couple of dioramas to wet the appetite and loosen the purse strings.

Once into Warhammer World there are three stores carrying everything that Games Workshop makes and a huge gaming hall.

The gaming hall
These have some interesting custom tables which can be booked for games.

The gaming hall also has display cabinets on the periphery.

And a largish bar...