Thursday, 25 October 2012

Ultramarine Gallery

The inevitable blue marines known and reviled throughout WH40K. Next project is Green Marines (you know who!).
All models are Games Workshop/Citadel except the cobbles which are Battlefront.
Group shotThe whole army… blue, blue electric blue that’s the colour of my marines…

The command team…



Drop PodDrop Pod




Sunday, 14 October 2012

Building an Empire Army Part Three

Test Piece - Hand Gunner
So having had a bad experience with Army Builder Uniform Grey spray paint I went back to the drawing board and gave a Citadel Chaos Black undercoat followed by a light spray of the grey.
This immediately highlighted what I’d thought had happened, because the figure was grey already I had simply put too much of the Army Painter spray on and obliterated the detail – nothing to do with the product, all me own fault! (as usual).
I had decided that the Empire units should come from Reikland having been seduced by the bright white uniforms and how bright they would look compared to Orc or Skaven armies (and forgetting how difficult white can be).
Games Workshop have published several guides recently in White Dwarf and their new Painting Citadel Miniatures book and both sources were used. However, having been unable to persuade the other half that mortgaging the house to buy the entire new range of paint was a good idea, there is a fair mix of the old and new paint ranges. Unless specifically stated all paint is Citadel.
White Uniform:
  • Army Painter Uniform Grey Undercoat.
  • White Scar for layering.
  • Praxeti White for highlights.
  • Calthan Brown base colour.
  • Snakebite Leather first hightlight.
  • Tausept Ochre edge highlight.
Hand gun:
  • Barrel: Bolt Gun Metal, Chainmail highlight and then coated in a Nuln Oil ink.
  • Stock: Scorched Brown with a Dark Flesh Highlight.
Black areas – Chaos Black with an Adeptus Battlegrey highlight.
Red areas – Mechrite Red followed by Blood Red Highlight.
Base: Blackfire Earth with a Snakebite leather highlight. The foliage is MiniNatur tufts with blossoms early fall.
So one down… an army to go…

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Napoleonic French Gallery

A quick summary of the small (ok minute) collection so far…

7th Dragoons – Perry, GMB Flags

Imperial Guard Grenadiers – Victrix, GMB Flags

54th – Perry, plastic with a metal officer (oblivious to rock!), GMB Flag

55th Line – feeling the cold – Perry, all plastic, GMB Flag

Napoleon and friends – Perry