Sunday, 29 April 2018

Finally... The French Light Infantry March!

A few weeks ago I mentioned in passing that there was a load of 28mm Perry Napoleonic French sitting on the table waiting to be based. They'd been waiting a while.
Two years in fact.
Well the  guilt must have got to me!

The regiment
They are supposed to represent the 13th regiment and I did have a lovely GMB flag ready to complete the eagle bearer.

But, it was too big and the glue on the pole too resolute to make an adjustment! So this regiment have left their precious colour in the depot and just brought the pole. Apparently not too uncommon in reality due to the expense of replacing them.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

February and March 2018 Progress

Well the year's production has got a bit better mostly due to the bulk qualities of 6mm and finding some troops that had been hanging about just waiting to be finished off.

Bought: 0

Monthly: +68
Yearly: +46

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Dark Angels - Command

Somebody to lead the Dark Angels against the hordes of Xenos and Chaos and other Space Marines (more of which in a later post - to be clear, much later post).

First up the Chapter Master:

A lot of dry brushing on this one which has left a bit of a grainy effect, but to be honest I just wanted him done.

Then a Librarian:

Both are from the Dark Vengeance box and means that only five and a half years after I bought it I'm down to only five minis to complete!

Truly I am living the plastic meeples dream!