Sunday, 24 September 2017

July and August Progress

Well that was a quick couple of months and I've just noticed I didn't do a count for July.

So here's one for the last two months - the 40K theme for this year continues to dominate.

6 Chaos Marines
1 Cypher (renegade Dark Angel)
20 Imperial Guardsmen
6 Imperial Guard heavy weapons
3 Donnybrook BS project

Nothing, nada, not a jot. I didn't even make Claymore, so no impulse purchases there, the hobby being sacrificed to attend a toddler party (there were balloons and cake, all the bribes I need).

Monthly Trend: +36
Yearly Trend: +70

A trooper from the Donnybrook BS project

Sunday, 3 September 2017

It's All About the Base

Of course basing is all down to the rules you are planning to fight your battles with. I'm sure you will be unsurprised to discover that at the start of the 6mm project I owned several sets:
  • Napoleon
  • Waterloo
  • Republic to Empire
  • Blucher
And since embarking on the venture have added two more:
  • Polemos
  • Et sans Resultat
Of these I have only actually played one, Republic to Empire and that's only because I haunt The League of Augsburg's weekenders and one day games. These have been played using 28mm on huge tables but conversion shouldn't be difficult.

Waterloo looks fun (betraying the GW background, again) and Blucher deals in base widths for distance so you can easily adapt it (the rules default to standard playing card dimensions).

Polemos is designed for 6mm but is stringent on basing and Et sans Resultat actually adapts to the size of the bases (effectively if a small battalion is on this size of base then use this scale).

I didn't want my basing choice to prevent me from trying every set out and so went for something that could easily be put into a selection of sabot bases, 20mm x 20mm.

Ready for Republic to Empire
Or Polemos
Or Blucher
For the bigger bases I went in for some decoration adding officers, skirmishers and so on. For the Blucher ones I can even have two units on the same base to give it more of a brigade feel.

There's also some space for unit tags.

Unit Name and three ranks

Two squadrons

With skirmishers

I also decided to make some of my French units a bit more close order than they would normally appear, giving them three ranks instead of the standard two. Not sure if I will continue with this as it does make the enterprise more expensive given the way Baccus (my 6mm pusher of choice) package their troops.

So I have rules, units and space... now to get to a fight!