Sunday, 30 July 2017

June Progress

A little reversal in June, some progress made with the completion of a long shelved Roman project but there were more GW purchases (are there any help groups out there?) and a collection of figures for my top secret Donnybrook project (which believe it or not is even sadder than the 40K addiction - if you don't believe me stay tuned!).

32 1st Century Romans including a scorpion.

10 Astra Militarium Steel Legion
31 Donnybrook BS project

Monthly Trend: -9
Yearly Trend: +34

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Dumfries March 2017 Part 1

Another weekend of mayhem, musketry and in my case catastrophic die rolling. This time  Barry and Bob of the League of Augsburg had a little vacation in mind for my Huguenots. It was time to pack the sun screen and get those yellow fever shots - Jamaica was the destination.

The first game was a short affair that didn't go very well for the Huguenot's or their Dutch West Indies Company allies. Against them were some Jacobite forces lead by the infamous Kirke.

Time for a nice walk in the jungle
The Governor's forces await the Williamite onslaught
The long and winding road
The Dutch West Indies Company encounter some hungry locals
Not all the fauna were quite as interactive
There was only one cavalry detachment on the board and although of dubious quality proved highly effective
The Huguenots fail to take their objective and are reduced to trading volleys
This was just the warm-up engagement, there was more to come with heroism, treachery and Haitian pygmy death cults...

Sunday, 2 July 2017

6mm French Imperial Guard Horse Artillery

Flitting quickly between nations on the 6mm front. Here is a battery of French Imperial Guard Horse Artillery.

Now the question is should I invest the time in putting together some limbers? They'll look good but will they be used?

All figures are Baccus.