Sunday, 11 March 2018

Dark Vengeance, Dark Angels

I undercoated these ages ago but left them forgotten on an unloved garage shelf. Then in one of my foray's into said garage I spotted them and it was near Christmas and maybe I was full of Festive Spirit, or some kind of spirit, so I rescued them and tarted them up a bit.

On the 10th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

Being Dark Angels they look quite Christmassy; green, red and flashes of white, and bone but let's ignore that.

Heavy plasma gunner
These are from the Dark Vengeance box set released in 2012 and came with 6th edition rules which I read but never played (along with 5th, 7th and thus far 8th though 8th reads well).

They will appear at an unspecified time in the future on the Morgoth XIII table.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

January 2018 Progress

And we're off to a slow start... nothing at all finished in January, a few 6mm got to the ready for basing stage, so did a few 40K figures but nothing actually got completed.

The 40K condition continued too with a few unnecessary purchases (enabled by some Festive gift vouchers); soon GW are going to own the house!

Improvement required for February then!


10 Primaris Space Marines
1 Primaris Officer
1 Landraider
10 Tzangors

Monthly Trend: -22
Yearly Trend: -22

Sunday, 18 February 2018

6mm Hussars - speed paint

Prevarication is my middle name, well not really but if my parents had bothered to give me a middle name (they felt it was surplus to requirements, possibly like myself) prevarication would have been high on the list.

Along with 'Oi you!', 'Don't touch that' and 'what have you done now'.

So rather than actually painting stuff I tend to deflect my attention onto reading how others paint stuff and generally achieve something in their lives.

But every so often I give something a go and one Saturday afternoon in February I decided to see how quickly I could blob paint on a squadron of 6mm Russian hussars. That's 9 figures, all Baccus.

14:50 All set for my dubious attentions
All were stuck on a lolly stick which Amazon sell in batches of a hundred or so at a ridiculous rate which can in no way be sustainable (either as a business model or a rain forest).

Undercoat was just a watered down slap dash of citadel Abbadon Black.

14:55 Undercoat splattering achieved!
Of course this takes a bit of time to dry so to encourage them I switched on the spare fan heater in the office. Don't know if it achieved anything but I felt at least I had done something. The industrious amongst you might have considered painting something else and I did glance wistfully at the 28mm Napoleonic French infantry battalion that has been sitting on the desk waiting to be PVA'ed onto MDF for over two years. But, I must confess, after all this time I find it difficult to establish eye contact with the blighters; its an old romance gone stale.

Drying done, then horses time. Straightforward coat of Mournfang Brown for the lot bar the trumpeter's that got dabbed in Celestial Grey.

15:08 Brown horses... other colours are available but not in my army
In future I'm going to do horses by setting the airbrush on them. This should mean I can get that colour done on an industrial scale, which is just as well as I have an industrial scale backlog.

Things quickened now as I could splat different colours on as others dried. Russian hussar regiments don't have the diversity of colours that adorn some nations. I decided these would be a squadron from the Soumy regiment mostly because they had red breeches and grey everything else and I thought that would break up the uniform bottle green of the rest of the army.

15:15 Grey pelisse, dolman and saddle cloths added

15:19 A dash of red on the trousers
15:25 Hands and faces on
15:28 Swords
15:34 White detailing.

The white braiding doesn't show up well in the photograph partially because of the scale of the figures but mostly because I didn't want to waste my eye sight painting it!

15:36 Sabretache red detail
15:50 Bases and tidy up
The completed squadron

In all it took 55 minutes... sure I can go faster and probably be neater/more detailed.

But that's them ready to hit the basing manufactorium in the garage.

Wait, did I just use the word 'manufactorium'? Games Workshop have a lot to answer for...

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Dumfries October 2017 - part 2

Previously on Khaki Drab...

In the first game at the League of Augsburg Dumfries October 2017 weekender, a motley group of Pirates, Natives and Huguenots attacked and destroyed the rum production facility on the Honey River.

But this was a feint and the main attack took place a few months later.

Except it really wasn't really an attack more of a Tarantino-esque saga  of double dealing, betrayal and mild violence that if filmed would no doubt be entitled "Kill Kirke".

The initial set up, Mr Barry Hilton organiser extraordinaire in the background
The protagonists were:
  • An expeditionary force of noble Huguenots exiled from their homeland and searching for a new home and a peaceful life(I typed that with a straight font),
  • perfidious English supporters of the pretender James (the Huguenot allies);
Huguenots advance!
  • pirates with their own agenda which had something to do with picks and shovels;
  • natives who were tired of the Bourbon yoke and dreamed of nothing more than their own rum soaked republic in the sun.
Natives defend a mill
  • The colonial forces of the treacherous Bourbon king Louis led by a former Huguenot.
  • Mysterious British force whose commander had revenge in mind.
The game started and that's where the complexity kicked in. I'll try and summarise though obviously my viewpoint is through Huguenot tainted glasses.

  • The Huguenots not trusting Kirk's English forces posted Huguenot officers with their trusted English allies;
  • Various accidents then occurred with both English and Huguenot officers falling down cliffs, bathing with crocodiles etc.
  • The French and Huguenot's came to an arrangement not to attack each other;
A lot of marching... not a lot of shooting
  • After taking a fort from the French the natives joined this entente cordiale;
  • Unfortunately, the natives had lost all the forces attacking the fort which the Huguenots then sauntered into and refused to give back;
One fort, fully supplied with excellent views of the sea
  • The natives took exception to this and started sniping at the Huguenots;
  • Percy Kirke appeared on the field and this galvanised all the other players;
That's a familiar standard
  • Despite the best efforts of at least three of the players (my Huguenots were strangely ambivalent) Kirke escapes to betray another day;
Kirke's last stand?
  • The other protagonists decide to set up a joint venture with their target Jamaica... but that's another story.
Will Kirke return to fight again?
Will the new Caribbean Republic flourish?
Will the Huguenots actually discharge their muskets or will the new hobby of Peace-gaming catch on?

To be continued (if the organisers choose to do so) at the next League of Augsburg weekend.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Inquisitor Greyfax

This is a model from the Triumvate of the Imperium box set which was released last year as part of the cataclysmic updating of the WH40K universe prior to the release of 8th edition (minor spoiler ahead btw).

As can be seen Ms Greyfax sports the infamous 'boob' (for want of a better adjective) armour which any armourer will tell you is difficult to make and actually degrades protection - not to mention giving opponents a target.

You will also notice that Ms Greyfax sports high heels which I am not convinced are the most pragmatic footwear for squabbling with your modern 40K Chaos demon.

I have heard rumours that GW are going to do away with such anachronisms in a campaign to diversify the range and hence the appeal of their product (though having seen a preview of the Warhammer dark elves - maybe not).

Perhaps Ms Greyfax's attire can be explained away as having been in fashion when she was captured and put in stasis by the Necron Trazyn many centuries ago and what with wars, resurrections and crusades vying for her attention, she just hasn't had time to get down to the shops.

Having typed all that I do rather like the miniature despite my disquiet over the attire and my paint job! This is one of the last miniatures I did before adopting a wet pallete, so we'll see if that improves the quality.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

December Progress

December turned out to be productive, I finally braved the cold and damp and went into the garage and based a whole load of 6mm troops that had been awaiting my attention for some months.
This of course has upped the numbers significantly:

1 Grey Knight
72 Napoleonic Prussian Infantry (6mm)
60 Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery (6mm)

9 Eldar

Monthly Trend: +124
Yearly Trend: +204

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

2018 Resolutions

It's the New Year so of course a few hobby resolutions are necessary:

1. I will finish one project before I start another... currently I have unfinished:
  • 6mm Napoleonic collection that started with just French and Brits but has expanded to include Russians and Prussians and if the better half doesn't get control of my spending soon will recruit Austrians and Spaniards.
  • the not so mysterious BS Donnybrook project; one side painted, rules sketched out, scenery awaiting assembly. 
  • 28mm Ancients (Celts), WWII (US and German) and Napoleonic (anything shiny). 
  • A couple of battalions of Warfare minatures
  • Blood Bowl teams, 15mm WWII and the unshakable addiction to WH40K.
Then there's the mysterious boxes in the garage left over from the last house move - who knows what dwells within? Who dares to find out?

2. Play more games. Managed four last year, all at League of Augsburg weekenders (and there is proof here, here and here) but really need to get other troops out of their boxes and mustered on the polystyrene uplands. I'm a bit club adverse (but let's keep the reasons for that between me and my imaginary psychiatrist) so either it's play with myself (feel free to make your own jokes up) or persuade the better half to join in, the kids are still a bit young to be indoctrinated, Hungry Hippos being their current level of strategic complexity.

Guess I'll be playing on my own then!

3. Take more photos. More importantly learn to take better ones and stop being lazy about posting them.

4. Kick the WH40K habit - it's breaking my wallet and destroying what little credibility I have! (Ok so me a long term toy-soldier-holic thinking I had an infinitesimal shred of credibility left probably means I need to make another appointment with that imaginary psychiatrist)

5. Use that airbrush... (remember it's much more scared of you that you are of it... or is that spiders?)

6. Stop extolling the wonder of a wet pallette to the better half. I've been droning on about it for weeks and I'm sure the fixed grin I'm greeted with is waning at the edges! The only painting she does involves the twins and the last thing they need is more liquid to slosh about the kitchen...

7. Stop wondering if teaching the twins to undercoat troops would breach some form of child labour law...

8. Stop using elipses to terminate every bullet point, I'm sure I read somewhere on the interweb that its a symptom of a fractured mind... (damn!)

Happy New Year!