Sunday, 14 January 2018

December Progress

December turned out to be productive, I finally braved the cold and damp and went into the garage and based a whole load of 6mm troops that had been awaiting my attention for some months.
This of course has upped the numbers significantly:

1 Grey Knight
72 Napoleonic Prussian Infantry (6mm)
60 Napoleonic French Imperial Guard Foot Artillery (6mm)

9 Eldar

Monthly Trend: +124
Yearly Trend: +204

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

2018 Resolutions

It's the New Year so of course a few hobby resolutions are necessary:

1. I will finish one project before I start another... currently I have unfinished:
  • 6mm Napoleonic collection that started with just French and Brits but has expanded to include Russians and Prussians and if the better half doesn't get control of my spending soon will recruit Austrians and Spaniards.
  • the not so mysterious BS Donnybrook project; one side painted, rules sketched out, scenery awaiting assembly. 
  • 28mm Ancients (Celts), WWII (US and German) and Napoleonic (anything shiny). 
  • A couple of battalions of Warfare minatures
  • Blood Bowl teams, 15mm WWII and the unshakable addiction to WH40K.
Then there's the mysterious boxes in the garage left over from the last house move - who knows what dwells within? Who dares to find out?

2. Play more games. Managed four last year, all at League of Augsburg weekenders (and there is proof here, here and here) but really need to get other troops out of their boxes and mustered on the polystyrene uplands. I'm a bit club adverse (but let's keep the reasons for that between me and my imaginary psychiatrist) so either it's play with myself (feel free to make your own jokes up) or persuade the better half to join in, the kids are still a bit young to be indoctrinated, Hungry Hippos being their current level of strategic complexity.

Guess I'll be playing on my own then!

3. Take more photos. More importantly learn to take better ones and stop being lazy about posting them.

4. Kick the WH40K habit - it's breaking my wallet and destroying what little credibility I have! (Ok so me a long term toy-soldier-holic thinking I had an infinitesimal shred of credibility left probably means I need to make another appointment with that imaginary psychiatrist)

5. Use that airbrush... (remember it's much more scared of you that you are of it... or is that spiders?)

6. Stop extolling the wonder of a wet pallette to the better half. I've been droning on about it for weeks and I'm sure the fixed grin I'm greeted with is waning at the edges! The only painting she does involves the twins and the last thing they need is more liquid to slosh about the kitchen...

7. Stop wondering if teaching the twins to undercoat troops would breach some form of child labour law...

8. Stop using elipses to terminate every bullet point, I'm sure I read somewhere on the interweb that its a symptom of a fractured mind... (damn!)

Happy New Year!

Sunday, 3 December 2017

September, October and November progress

It has been a quiet few months with not much getting off the hobby table. October saw another entertaining League of Augsburg whiz past which meant some of my figures actually saw table, tape measure and dice for once.

On the purchase front the unkickable Warhammer 40K habit (established 1987) monopolised the limited purchases made.

The garage is currently inundated with 6mm Napoleonic just waiting for a bit of quick basing. Get those done in December and the Yearly Trend figure will look very healthy.

2 Grey Knights
1 Inquisitor Greyfax
15 Donnybrook BS project

5 Chaos Havocs
1 Imperial Knight
2 Eldar

Monthly Trend: +10
Yearly Trend: +80


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Imperial Guard

More troops destined for the meat grinders of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. This time they are straightforward Cadian infantry stalwarts. Presumably they will be fired up after what GW did to their home planet in January.

Provided the commissariat bothered to let them know.

So here we have two sections of the Astra Mill, Ast Mil, Imperial Guard's finest.

Twin sections ready to go



Firing line

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Imperial Guard - Heavy Weapons

More WH40K cannon fodder, sorry I mean brave, resolute heroes of the Imperial Guard. Despite the GW renaming these chaps for copyright reasons they will always be the Imperial Guard to me; partially for nostalgia but mostly because Astra Militarium is a pain to spell and gives every spell-checker in Christendom an apoplectic fit when you try to use it.

So here are some more brave chaps with support weapons instead of the usual tasers, all GW.

Support unit

Heavy bolter

Missile launcher


Sunday, 5 November 2017

Dumfries October 2017 - part 1

This was a continuation of the 1692/3 campaign that had been played out at the previous two  League of Augsburg campaigns.

The valiant Huguenots  were still in the Caribbean enjoying the sun, sea and yellow fever. For this weekend they had teamed up with the infamous Percy Kirke , some pirates and locals to have a go at wresting parts of Haiti away from the French.

First up was a raid on some sugary refineries and a rum factory.

The rum factory on the Honey River

As well as setting fire to the sugar refineries and rum repository there were a number of carts to get off table

The Colonel's company awaits the French

The French approach

Carts start to make their way off table

A final stand off
The raid was successful and the Huguenot's and their piratical allies made off with half the carts and left a trail of destruction behind them.

There are a lot more photos and information on the League of Augsburg blog.

Sunday, 29 October 2017


So, I've got a new scale (6mm) and a desire not to increase my mountain of unpainted lead/plastic/resin. The other clever, sensible , intelligent half (well you never know who might be reading) suggested that perhaps I would like to get troops painted for me.

My pride (such a better word to use than pig headedness) immediately rebelled at the concept, after all I enjoyed painting even if I progressed at a pace that could only rival a snail or particularly lethargic tortoise.

Then I tried painting the little... miniature masterpieces.

Before I knew it I was on EBay searching for 6mm painted Napoleonics. There were a couple about at a reasonable price and after paying for some samples I settled on sennacherIb33.

These arrive loose so I do have to base them myself but this means the basing is consistently [insert your chosen adjective here].

Mostly I have been doing Russians (all figures are Baccus):