Sunday, 29 October 2017


So, I've got a new scale (6mm) and a desire not to increase my mountain of unpainted lead/plastic/resin. The other clever, sensible , intelligent half (well you never know who might be reading) suggested that perhaps I would like to get troops painted for me.

My pride (such a better word to use than pig headedness) immediately rebelled at the concept, after all I enjoyed painting even if I progressed at a pace that could only rival a snail or particularly lethargic tortoise.

Then I tried painting the little... miniature masterpieces.

Before I knew it I was on EBay searching for 6mm painted Napoleonics. There were a couple about at a reasonable price and after paying for some samples I settled on sennacherIb33.

These arrive loose so I do have to base them myself but this means the basing is consistently [insert your chosen adjective here].

Mostly I have been doing Russians (all figures are Baccus):


  1. Nice! I don't think my eyes could cope with 6mm!

  2. Nice! I don't think my eyes could cope with 6mm!

  3. It isn't cheating, it's making use of available resources.

    1. But it still feels kinda wrong to have minis my paints went nowhere near!