Sunday, 14 October 2018

Warhammer World

Back in May I took a trip to Nottingham. As well as taking in some cricket at Trent Bridge, visiting the castle and a few museums, I took the opportunity to visit Warhammer World, a place I had often threatened to visit but not actually made it to.

Full size Rhino APC - interesting gate guardian
I found it really easy to find, mostly as I had got lost driving from Trent Bridge to my hotel the night before and had passed it a couple of times whilst my sat nav cheerily told me I should make a U-turn.

Once inside I was greeted by a couple of familiar faces...

The ubiquitous GW Space Marine

No, not a selfie... Lurtz from Lord of the Rings
Art work decorating reception
Reception also has a couple of dioramas to wet the appetite and loosen the purse strings.

Once into Warhammer World there are three stores carrying everything that Games Workshop makes and a huge gaming hall.

The gaming hall
These have some interesting custom tables which can be booked for games.

The gaming hall also has display cabinets on the periphery.

And a largish bar...

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