Sunday, 28 June 2015

WH 40K Sector Part 1

I have a dream...

Admittedly it's not a very good dream but at least its a goal of sorts!

What sort you may ask?

Well, the rather pathetic sort really; I'd like to have a proper Warhammer 40,000 board with some decent scenery. I've an idea for a campaign which may or may not make it's way onto this blog (or indeed on to a gaming table). But first I need the terrain.

So here are a few of the building blocks. First up a really big statue:

Some ruins, painted in a multitude of fetching greens and reds (it's a Martian theme) which have singularly failed to show up in the photograph. But they're there, honest.

Finally, a tall spikey topped building (I was going to say crenellated but spikey is so much more Gothic Space Opera I feel). I've included my favourite grizzled Space Marine to demonstrate scale.

All models are Citadel's finest.

Sunday, 21 June 2015

US 101 Artillery

All those lovely pictures and fascinating documentaries of the Waterloo commemorations have me hankering for another crack at some Napoleonic figures. There are plenty in the garage but, unfortunately, I've made one of those Faustian pacts regarding clearing the painting desk before starting any new projects.

You probably know the sort, the type that just gets you frustrated at the lack of progress especially if like me your painting speed falls somewhere between glaciation and tectonic plate movement.

But here are some that have reached the finish line or at least I've got to the point that I ain't going to fiddle with them anymore.

More stalwarts of the 101st in D-Day gear, this time manning a 75mm pack howitzer, so some supressing fire coming the Wehrmacht's way soon

The model is from Warlord Games' Bolt Action range.