Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Waterloo - League of Augsburg Weekend Part 2

The French plan was to ignore the big potential meat grinder on the left flank; Hougoumont chewed up so many battalions on the day of battle and for no discernible gain.

Instead a diversionary attack on the ridge of the Allied right would pin troops in place whilst the weightiest assaults would fall on the Allied centre and left.

Hougoumont... so tempting...

French skirmishers circle the chateaux.

French columns advance on the Allied ridge.

A Dutch/Belgian brigade stands ready.

French cavalry wait to exploit any opening

Monday, 19 October 2015

Waterloo - League of Augsburg Weekend Part 1

It's October and that means time for the Derby weekender run by Barry, Adrian, Bob and Gerry of the League of Augsburg.

The board was approximately 28 feet by 12 feet with the tiles custom made by Adrian to mirror the valley.

Initially the British side felt a little deserted...

 The French commanders certainly seemed to have more to do.

 Wellington stood by his elm tree ready for the off.


 And Napoleon felt well enough to at least stand around with his staff.
So it was just a case of both sides waiting for the first shots to be fired.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Getting Me Colonels Out

There have been some suggestions that I have a deleterious effect on any officer cadre I come across. Mere rumour I'm sure but just in case I need a few spare colonels for next weekend's League of Augsburg Waterloo extravaganza I've decided to prepare a few.

All miniatures are Perry.