Sunday, 30 September 2018

Cuirassier Update September

Procrastination has become the name of the game at chez Napier. I know what I have to do and it involves a lot of Prussian Blue, quite a few horses and doubtless the odd expletive.

But... ever with big tasks its the getting started that's been the issue. Getting hold of the figures has not been a problem, several of the better known manufacturers have been kind enough to offer discounts to commanders in the Great Game. Finding information has not been an issue either, I had a few books and supplemented these with a couple of new Ospreys just to make me feel more confident.

YouTube has also been useful in giving pointers, though some of the expert work up there is disheartening when you see your own results.

Nope, the issue is me and my habit of doing things 'just in time'. The only problem is I am not going to be able to paint 111 cuirassiers, assorted artillery and commanders in a frenetic all nighter the weekend before the game. Some planning is going to have to be done.

One short cut I am considering is lowering my painting standards (believe me they can be lowered) and just giving everything a bright base coat and ink wash. That way I should be able to get through the plastic mound quickly and have a viable division for the game. Also there is nothing to stop me going back and improving the paint work once I have finished (are troops ever truly finished).

It does go against the grain, I have been trying to improve my paint standards down the years but...

Anyway, I have assembled some of them and even started work on a prototype who no doubt will be hidden in the depths of a squadron.

Horses await the dubious attention of my brushes

Friday, 7 September 2018

Soumy Regiment in 6mm

Back in February I scribbled together a description of speed painting some Russian Hussars for the 1812 campaign (it can be found here ). Well, I finally got round to basing the Soumy regiment, so they are now ready to face the French Emperor and his minions.

All figures are Baccus