Saturday, 25 February 2012

Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company T-34 Side by Side

Until recently I was a Battlefront acolyte when it came to Flames of War miniatures mostly because I could buy them in proper rule friendly company proportions. But like many others I’ve recently been tempted by the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC). Ashamedly this is not due to quality but price and the natural toy soldier addicts desire to field as much hardware as a table will take without collapsing.
So here are a few pics of PSC and Battlefront models side by side. PSC models are on the left.

As can be seen the PSC’s T-34’s are a little smaller. Not noticeable unless side by side so mixing units is probably out. My feeling is Battlefront’s tanks have more detail or at least the detail is more recessed than PSC’s making the paint job a bit more effective (I like inks). There’s a weight differential too, PSC’s are, naturally, much lighter but I guess I could get used to it.
On the plus side for PSC the models are much easier to assemble and have good enough detail to keep me happy, these are for wargaming after all not a painting competition. Also with both 76 and 85 turrets in the pack there’s the opportunity to have one squadron double as both mid and late war variations.
And then there’s the cheapskate in me looking at the price…

Picture – To be honest the crew of this Puma aren’t too concerned whether those are Battlefront or PSC T-34s (PSCs on the left). Terrain Battlefront.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Russian T-34s Step By Step Painting Guide

This ain’t no master class! I have a Soviet army ready for action that’s in dire need of some armour reserves, quantity being the road to a Soviet general’s soul (or his commissar’s).

So here’s my quick and dirty wargames Soviet tank painting guide.

  • Assemble and prepare for spraying


  • Undercoat T-34s with Games Workshop Chaos Black spray can.


  • Spray a base coat of Soviet Armour Green from Battlefront.

  • Ink wash with GW Badab Black.

  • Edge Highlight with Vallejo 894 Russian Green.

  • Second Highlight with Vallejo 894 Russian Green with a little GW Skull White added.

  • Paint tracks with GW Chaos Black.

  • Dry brush tracks with GW Boltgun Metal.
  • Add in any detail you fancy.

  • Apply transfers – these are from Battlefront.

  • Varnish with Vallejo 520 Matt Varnish.
  • Forward to victory comrades!

Friday, 10 February 2012

What I’m Working on Now

This week I’m mostly fiddling with Napoleonic French Dragoons. 7th Regiment for reference.

Well I’ve got to give me Brits something to shoot at!
Figures are Perry Plastics. Flag GMB.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

What I’m Working on Now

This week I’m mostly fiddling with Plastic Soldier Company T-34s.

But should they be 76?

Or 85?

Which would be more useful in a Flames of War fire-fight?

If you answered Panther – that’s what I was thinking.

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Over the years I’ve tried to get over a disabling addiction which has afflicted me since childhood, an addiction to small soldiers. Their type does not matter I’ve dabbled in everything from plastic Airfix to Perry metals. I also confess, for a short time in my teenage years, I was even a dealer.

So this post is my outing, so to type.

The main purpose of the blog is to allow me to keep notes of exactly what I’ve done to what and if others find the blog and get ideas or want to chip in, then that’s great.

The picture theme by the way is my workstation – I don’t believe in tidy minds etc. which is probably why I keep losing stuff!