Sunday, 4 February 2018

Inquisitor Greyfax

This is a model from the Triumvate of the Imperium box set which was released last year as part of the cataclysmic updating of the WH40K universe prior to the release of 8th edition (minor spoiler ahead btw).

As can be seen Ms Greyfax sports the infamous 'boob' (for want of a better adjective) armour which any armourer will tell you is difficult to make and actually degrades protection - not to mention giving opponents a target.

You will also notice that Ms Greyfax sports high heels which I am not convinced are the most pragmatic footwear for squabbling with your modern 40K Chaos demon.

I have heard rumours that GW are going to do away with such anachronisms in a campaign to diversify the range and hence the appeal of their product (though having seen a preview of the Warhammer dark elves - maybe not).

Perhaps Ms Greyfax's attire can be explained away as having been in fashion when she was captured and put in stasis by the Necron Trazyn many centuries ago and what with wars, resurrections and crusades vying for her attention, she just hasn't had time to get down to the shops.

Having typed all that I do rather like the miniature despite my disquiet over the attire and my paint job! This is one of the last miniatures I did before adopting a wet pallete, so we'll see if that improves the quality.

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