Sunday, 18 February 2018

6mm Hussars - speed paint

Prevarication is my middle name, well not really but if my parents had bothered to give me a middle name (they felt it was surplus to requirements, possibly like myself) prevarication would have been high on the list.

Along with 'Oi you!', 'Don't touch that' and 'what have you done now'.

So rather than actually painting stuff I tend to deflect my attention onto reading how others paint stuff and generally achieve something in their lives.

But every so often I give something a go and one Saturday afternoon in February I decided to see how quickly I could blob paint on a squadron of 6mm Russian hussars. That's 9 figures, all Baccus.

14:50 All set for my dubious attentions
All were stuck on a lolly stick which Amazon sell in batches of a hundred or so at a ridiculous rate which can in no way be sustainable (either as a business model or a rain forest).

Undercoat was just a watered down slap dash of citadel Abbadon Black.

14:55 Undercoat splattering achieved!
Of course this takes a bit of time to dry so to encourage them I switched on the spare fan heater in the office. Don't know if it achieved anything but I felt at least I had done something. The industrious amongst you might have considered painting something else and I did glance wistfully at the 28mm Napoleonic French infantry battalion that has been sitting on the desk waiting to be PVA'ed onto MDF for over two years. But, I must confess, after all this time I find it difficult to establish eye contact with the blighters; its an old romance gone stale.

Drying done, then horses time. Straightforward coat of Mournfang Brown for the lot bar the trumpeter's that got dabbed in Celestial Grey.

15:08 Brown horses... other colours are available but not in my army
In future I'm going to do horses by setting the airbrush on them. This should mean I can get that colour done on an industrial scale, which is just as well as I have an industrial scale backlog.

Things quickened now as I could splat different colours on as others dried. Russian hussar regiments don't have the diversity of colours that adorn some nations. I decided these would be a squadron from the Soumy regiment mostly because they had red breeches and grey everything else and I thought that would break up the uniform bottle green of the rest of the army.

15:15 Grey pelisse, dolman and saddle cloths added

15:19 A dash of red on the trousers
15:25 Hands and faces on
15:28 Swords
15:34 White detailing.

The white braiding doesn't show up well in the photograph partially because of the scale of the figures but mostly because I didn't want to waste my eye sight painting it!

15:36 Sabretache red detail
15:50 Bases and tidy up
The completed squadron

In all it took 55 minutes... sure I can go faster and probably be neater/more detailed.

But that's them ready to hit the basing manufactorium in the garage.

Wait, did I just use the word 'manufactorium'? Games Workshop have a lot to answer for...