Sunday, 11 February 2018

Dumfries October 2017 - part 2

Previously on Khaki Drab...

In the first game at the League of Augsburg Dumfries October 2017 weekender, a motley group of Pirates, Natives and Huguenots attacked and destroyed the rum production facility on the Honey River.

But this was a feint and the main attack took place a few months later.

Except it really wasn't really an attack more of a Tarantino-esque saga  of double dealing, betrayal and mild violence that if filmed would no doubt be entitled "Kill Kirke".

The initial set up, Mr Barry Hilton organiser extraordinaire in the background
The protagonists were:
  • An expeditionary force of noble Huguenots exiled from their homeland and searching for a new home and a peaceful life(I typed that with a straight font),
  • perfidious English supporters of the pretender James (the Huguenot allies);
Huguenots advance!
  • pirates with their own agenda which had something to do with picks and shovels;
  • natives who were tired of the Bourbon yoke and dreamed of nothing more than their own rum soaked republic in the sun.
Natives defend a mill
  • The colonial forces of the treacherous Bourbon king Louis led by a former Huguenot.
  • Mysterious British force whose commander had revenge in mind.
The game started and that's where the complexity kicked in. I'll try and summarise though obviously my viewpoint is through Huguenot tainted glasses.

  • The Huguenots not trusting Kirk's English forces posted Huguenot officers with their trusted English allies;
  • Various accidents then occurred with both English and Huguenot officers falling down cliffs, bathing with crocodiles etc.
  • The French and Huguenot's came to an arrangement not to attack each other;
A lot of marching... not a lot of shooting
  • After taking a fort from the French the natives joined this entente cordiale;
  • Unfortunately, the natives had lost all the forces attacking the fort which the Huguenots then sauntered into and refused to give back;
One fort, fully supplied with excellent views of the sea
  • The natives took exception to this and started sniping at the Huguenots;
  • Percy Kirke appeared on the field and this galvanised all the other players;
That's a familiar standard
  • Despite the best efforts of at least three of the players (my Huguenots were strangely ambivalent) Kirke escapes to betray another day;
Kirke's last stand?
  • The other protagonists decide to set up a joint venture with their target Jamaica... but that's another story.
Will Kirke return to fight again?
Will the new Caribbean Republic flourish?
Will the Huguenots actually discharge their muskets or will the new hobby of Peace-gaming catch on?

To be continued (if the organisers choose to do so) at the next League of Augsburg weekend.

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