Sunday, 21 December 2014


In the recent house move I came across an old Citadel box from the mid 80s.

Originally the box contained these not so fine fellows:

I’m sure the figures are now residing in my parent’s loft (the term loft hardly does that room justice, it has windows, radiators, carpet etc. My Dad practises his 9 iron up there – I’m not joking)

But they had been superseded by my infamous Blood Bowl team the WCC (Wee Caledonian Crushers nothing to do with cricket or cream teas, sun lit lawns or fair play).

The figures themselves are from the Blood Bowl expansion pack Dungeon Bowl which also came with an Elf team (which my friend Richard kept), pit traps, exploding chests, spiked balls (catch that) and all sorts of hysterical nastiness. Have fond memories of these chaps and still have the team roster, not to mention a whole background story scribbled somewhere. They played in several competitions and even got a run out at Games Day in 1989 which led to me getting a summer job in GW in Glasgow.

Nice to see the little fellas! Wonder if my parents’ cavernous loft is hiding some Astro-granite?

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