Friday, 29 June 2018

Russian Generals

Some Napoleonic Russian generals to take command in the upcoming 1812 campaign.

Corps and Divisional commanders
Learned a couple of lessons from these, firstly using an alternative colour base spray really works - in this case I used Mournfang brown from GW. This gave a good coverage on the horses, most of which were going to be some shade of brown in any case.

I was worried that the lighter colour base coat might highlight patches I've missed (I have had some horrible experiences with white on 28mm in the past) but I seem to have got away with it this time.

Secondly I found painting on lollipop stick good as always but using PVA to stick 6mm troops to them just causes difficulties when trying to pop them off. Back to the venerated Blue Peter tradition of double sided sticky tape in future!

All figures are Baccus.

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