Sunday, 5 November 2017

Dumfries October 2017 - part 1

This was a continuation of the 1692/3 campaign that had been played out at the previous two  League of Augsburg campaigns.

The valiant Huguenots  were still in the Caribbean enjoying the sun, sea and yellow fever. For this weekend they had teamed up with the infamous Percy Kirke , some pirates and locals to have a go at wresting parts of Haiti away from the French.

First up was a raid on some sugary refineries and a rum factory.

The rum factory on the Honey River

As well as setting fire to the sugar refineries and rum repository there were a number of carts to get off table

The Colonel's company awaits the French

The French approach

Carts start to make their way off table

A final stand off
The raid was successful and the Huguenot's and their piratical allies made off with half the carts and left a trail of destruction behind them.

There are a lot more photos and information on the League of Augsburg blog.

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