Saturday, 18 February 2012

Russian T-34s Step By Step Painting Guide

This ain’t no master class! I have a Soviet army ready for action that’s in dire need of some armour reserves, quantity being the road to a Soviet general’s soul (or his commissar’s).

So here’s my quick and dirty wargames Soviet tank painting guide.

  • Assemble and prepare for spraying


  • Undercoat T-34s with Games Workshop Chaos Black spray can.


  • Spray a base coat of Soviet Armour Green from Battlefront.

  • Ink wash with GW Badab Black.

  • Edge Highlight with Vallejo 894 Russian Green.

  • Second Highlight with Vallejo 894 Russian Green with a little GW Skull White added.

  • Paint tracks with GW Chaos Black.

  • Dry brush tracks with GW Boltgun Metal.
  • Add in any detail you fancy.

  • Apply transfers – these are from Battlefront.

  • Varnish with Vallejo 520 Matt Varnish.
  • Forward to victory comrades!

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