Saturday, 25 February 2012

Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company T-34 Side by Side

Until recently I was a Battlefront acolyte when it came to Flames of War miniatures mostly because I could buy them in proper rule friendly company proportions. But like many others I’ve recently been tempted by the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC). Ashamedly this is not due to quality but price and the natural toy soldier addicts desire to field as much hardware as a table will take without collapsing.
So here are a few pics of PSC and Battlefront models side by side. PSC models are on the left.

As can be seen the PSC’s T-34’s are a little smaller. Not noticeable unless side by side so mixing units is probably out. My feeling is Battlefront’s tanks have more detail or at least the detail is more recessed than PSC’s making the paint job a bit more effective (I like inks). There’s a weight differential too, PSC’s are, naturally, much lighter but I guess I could get used to it.
On the plus side for PSC the models are much easier to assemble and have good enough detail to keep me happy, these are for wargaming after all not a painting competition. Also with both 76 and 85 turrets in the pack there’s the opportunity to have one squadron double as both mid and late war variations.
And then there’s the cheapskate in me looking at the price…

Picture – To be honest the crew of this Puma aren’t too concerned whether those are Battlefront or PSC T-34s (PSCs on the left). Terrain Battlefront.

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