Sunday, 13 January 2019

Cuirassier Update - December 2018

At last what feels like progress! The trooper horses, that’s all ninety of them are nearly done, all that remains is to put the numbers on the little….

Which is proving tricky. Doing ‘1’ for the 1st Cuirassiers was a doddle but I’m struggling to paint a legible 4 or 7 in such a tiny space.

I have purchased some transfer paper to make my own decals using my home printer and I’m going to try these before attempting to paint 144 tiny numbers.

I know, given the sheer volume of figures on display and the quality of some of them, nobody’s going to notice if the numbers are sharp but I’ll know and that’s enough!

Still got the first one finished before the bells. 

The first completed cuirassier!
Officer from the first squadron of the 1st Regiment. Given I was using him simply to test colours etc. was surprised to find him the first to be completed.

Loads more to go.
I do have horses
Riders are next.
Believe it or not this is a tidy desk


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    1. Thanks Ray, though I have just noticed I put the wrong photo up. That's a recently finished trooper not the first finished officer!