Sunday, 20 August 2017

28mm Romans

Way back in the mists of time my other half being fed a steady diet of Rome, I Claudius and Spartacus, kindly bought me the Hail Caesar starter set Conquest of Gaul.

These stoic chaps have spent three and a half years on the sprue before I finally got round to assembling them.

I wanted to get these done quickly.. They were swiftly undecorated with Leadbelcher spray which after a wash of black ink and quick dry brushed highlight did for the armour.

Red was a base coat, wash and edge highlight, anything brown met the same fate.

I cheated on the shields and bought some transfers from Warlord and gave them a light ink wash to dirty them up a bit.

Basing was kept simple, the base was smothered in GW texture paint - Stirland Mud - and then flocked with a little cheap leaf litter.

There was also a little scorpion to do.

I now have 60 Celts to do!

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