Sunday, 4 December 2016

Time for a Little Chaos...

Every army in Warhammer 40K needs a little cannon fodder; the Imperium has their guard, the Taut, Kroots and the Eldar... well maybe they're too posh to deal with the sacrificial classes.

Chaos has cultists to fulfil the role of pointless gestures and these chaps are taken from the Dark Vengeance box set I bought about four years ago (which gives some unwelcome insight to my painting lead time).

Twenty five of these charming, slightly mutated, homicidal maniacs are heading to downtown Morgoth XIII for a relaxing evening of murder and pillage.

The posse includes two heroes.

The group were painted using three pallets, one dark red, one brown and the third sandy.

This is based on the colours used to paint the sector boards last year so should hopefully blend in.

All are of course GW's finest.

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