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League of Augsburg - Leipzig Part 2

In my earlier post on this game I promised a few more photographs and some explanation as to why Monsieur Murat was swanning around in the river.

The layout was straightforward - the villages of Dosen and Dolitz formed strong points to the front of the French lines then behind a river sat the main French strong point of Probstheida.

Allied forces use a duplicitous dice disguise to sneak up on the sleeping Italians.
Initially the French strategic plan was to fight to the last Italian though the ones on the left flank clearly didn't get those orders. Having missed an early morning Cossack caller as their commander was 'indisposed' these chaps proceeded to have a balmy day of sitting around idly speculating what all the noise and smoke was about, whilst the entire Allied army waltzed passed without hindrance.

Dear Mamma, Having a relaxing time in Saxony. Weather good though neighbours noisy - Dosen at the end of the battle

The Italians at Dolitz initially proved equally lackadaisical. It was foggy and an entire Russian brigade managed to sneak past the pickets and blunder into the only deployed French battery who were annihilated without a shot being fired.

The Italians in Dolitz decide whether or not to make a last stand of it...
The contest for Dolitz was short lived with the Italians either following the Emperor's instructions to the letter and dying to a man or succumbing to stereotype and running at the sight of anything resembling an Austrian or Prussian trooper.

The Austrians a bit like the no22 bus - wait all day then 50,000 turn up at once.
Murat had his warning and whilst attached to a Neapolitan infantry battalion became the first officer under my command to have something positive happen when rolling for officer casualties. Yes! In the next round of combat the troops were to be inspired by their King's heroism (or perhaps dress sense) and get a +1 modifier to morale!

Unfortunately, there weren't any men left to benefit from this unheard of circumstance.

Murat escaped the infantry's annihilation and headed for the bridge but whilst trying to force his way through a couple of untouched but unnerved brigades he was toppled into the river by a sharp elbowed private with an eye for advancement (a man after my own heart!).

The crush on the bridge
Thus the fate of the King of Naples was sealed (mirroring that of Prince Poniatowski at the same battle).

Murat takes an early bath
The rest of the engagement was taken up by two major events, the first was the dogged Allied assault on Probstheida which was defeated more by the river, marsh and steep approach than the valour of the French. The second was an almighty cavalry jam which prevented my cuirassier brigade from charging a few cheeky Jaeger who had nipped up the hill to take some pot shots.

The combination of marsh and a steep slope prove too much for the Allies
Finally the road did clear and after two and a half hours my cavalry moved into charge range but, before tests could be thrown, the commanders declared a draw.

Final Score:
Kings of Naples: 0
Killer Colin:        1

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