Monday, 28 September 2015

Quatre Bras - League of Augsburg One Dayer

Sunday the 20th September saw a group of regular LoA meet at the Volunteer Rooms in Irvine  to refight Quatre Bras. The twin aims of the day were fun (a priority) and to get a much needed refresher on the Republic to Empire rules before the massive Waterloo refight in Derby next month (its been BLB all the way for some time).


I was on the French side and my comrades, painfully aware of my reputation of decimating officer cadres in a single round and having the Imperial Guard cavalry refuse to even contemplate a forward meander never mind a charge for me, cast me as Ney in a vain attempt to keep me safely away from any vital dice rolls.

Alas as one round was to prove my mere presence is enough!

The French got off to a goodish start; quickly putting to flight the paltry Dutch and Belgians strung out in front of them (Bill R and I started high fiving each other at this point, I know I wouldn't want to be seen with us either).

However, the Divisional commanders could not resist the lure of Germincourt Farm and gradually more and more troops were drawn to its walls and repulsed in a mangled, rout ridden manner. That's when they bothered to pass their charge tests!

Eventually, an unsporting number of Allies arrived at the crossroads to spoil any chances of Ney pleasing the Emporer (where was d'Erlon????).

The day was organised by the regular LoA crowd Barry, Bob and Gerry (that was some lunch!) and they promise more of the same in a couple of months.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun, I'll have to make one of Barry's do's one day!

  2. Magnificent looking game fantastic miniatures