Sunday, 5 April 2015

Somewhere else on the Eastern Front

The second game of the FoW foray. This time the Wehrmacht were defending a rail junction.

Once again the T-34s assaulted a position defended by German tanks.

Once more they didn't get far but had some success against some Panzer IVs.

The Soviet artillery, both rocket and guns, had fun messing up the parked German vehicles.

And eventually the tenacity and numbers of the Soviets told and a section of smg infantry took the junction.

 German morale broke and the Soviets were left victorious.


  1. Great looking game, love the explosion markers!

  2. The buildings, road and railway are all Battlefront. The tiles are from Adrian's Walls. I got the explosions from a seller on EBay called small_terrain. They're a bit garish in real life but look a lot better than the cotton wool I was using and photograph really well.