Sunday, 15 March 2015


Some more late Soviets to provide fodder for the Tigers and Panthers out there. Mind you these guys do pack a punch themselves.

These are from the Battlefront plastic box set released last year. Painted using my standard method of base colour, black wash, dry brushed and then edged highlights.

The spray paint I used for the base coat failed leaving several of the tanks with a strange, crinkled paint effect. I don't know what caused it, the can was nearly empty and past its best or I hadn't cleaned them up properly.

Guess the Russians won't care once they're on the table. 


  1. They look quite impressive as the Russians should be:-)
    No Tigers or Panthers on my side but a few 88's:-))
    Btw., are you interested in a Bolt Action German Starter Pack? I have one, ontouched, to give away. If interested please PM me on the forum.

  2. They'll get tested out against some 88s this weekend. We'll see how they get on!

    Unfortunately for the poor, brave Soviet tank crews there may also be some Tigers, Panthers, Jagdpanthers and a very hungry King Tiger on the table.

  3. They didn't mind the 88s much and found the Tigers to their liking. However, Panthers were a big cat too far!