Monday, 2 February 2015

WI 328 A Celtic Tragedy

Just read Barry Hilton's Wargames Illustrated article on the Aughrim game at the League of Augsburg Derby Weekender in October. It was the weirdest end to any wargame I’ve ever been involved in. The Jacobites pretty much had won the game with ease, every attack on Kilcommodan Hill had been repulsed with little or no degradation to their line. There was even an effective counter attack by the guards on the Williamite right flank.

Williamite forces prepare their attack
The Williamite forces on the other hand had advanced across the valley and then exhausted themselves in the uphill fight. They weren’t in full retreat (my Huguenots I’m happy to report acquitted themselves well) but a couple of more rounds would probably have seen a collapse and rout.

Huguenot and Jacobite cavalry clash on the causeway
It was literally the last roll of the dice that did for St Ruhe and thus the Jacobite line, such are the fortunes of war.

I suspect this game will be the subject of many a bar room reminiscence in the years to come if only because a wargame freak occurrence actually matched a real one.

And for once nobody has mentioned my infernal die rolling at the end of a weekend!

The Jacobite army collapses

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