Saturday, 31 August 2013

STUG Comparison – Plastic Soldier Company v Battlefront

So how do 15mm plastic Battlefront, metal Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company STUGs compare? Do they get on well enough to be in the same unit or even the same army?


In all of the pictures the left hand vehicle is from the Battlefront Open Fire box set. The middle one is Plastic Soldier Company and on the right is a metal/resin Battlefront.

As ever the metal/resin feels much more substantial and looks a bit chunkier but overall I think I like all three. I remember being a bit disappointed when I did a similar comparison with T-34s and the PSC ones were noticeably smaller and a bit less detailed (though much, much cheaper if you’re a gamer and that won out for me). With these I think you could get away even with a mixed unit. Certainly from three feet it’s difficult to tell which is which (though that old garish hand painted job on the metal/resin ones is a dead give away – anybody need a repaint?).

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